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Novatek (Russian: ОАО «НОВАТЭК», MCX: NVTK, LSE: NVTK) is Russia's second-largest natural gas producer, and the seventh-largest publicly traded company globally by natural gas production volume. The company was originally known as OAO FIK Novafininvest. Novatek is based in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region in West Siberia, and maintains a sales office in Moscow.


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management always changes their direction and bicker with one another. Short tempers and lack of communication. Often times decisions are made but not effectively communicated."

Junior Mechanical Engineer says

"Everyone is payed hourly (except maybe top management). Pay is perhaps lower than other engineering companies, however you are only expected 40 hours/week (rarely overtime), so there is a trade off. Biggest con is the lack of any insurance (at least at the time I was working). No benefits whatsoever."

Intern says

"There are no benefits and it doesn't seem like a great place for someone who is ambitious and wants to move up."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"No employee benefits at all (Medical, Dental, PTO, Retirement). Can be a volatile with the increasing frequency of layoffs. Pay is not great and there are no annual reviews with senior management."

Intern says

"Not enough to do as an intern."

Former Employee - Senior Engineer says

"have no big target, lack of some war worth to fight."

Current Employee - Gas Plant Operator says

"Vsem pofig na vahtovikov, all only for locate personal. Small benefit, small profit, long time, long range distance for work (2 days in way)"

Industrial Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"One of the most frustrating places i've ever been employed. I would suggest you avoid this company and only apply or work here as a last ditch effort to survive."

Manufacturing Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Novatek was quite an interesting place to work. I was quite pleased that I was allowed the opportunity to apply my knowledge, skills and abilities in creating the single seater 3 wheeled transport lunchextremely hostile work environment for my co workers and i."

competent repairman assembler (Former Employee) says

"eight hour shift sum-times even more but manageable because your not forced unless urgent breakdown. i have learned hydro-power, stock taking administration of job cards computer principles . understanding managers.divided teams but we all get along well when we meet.cold conditions working with water at night that is the hardest part of it. i am fascinated by the challenges which we encounter that is what drives me10 hours at times"

Inside Sales and Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Novatek was a smaller company where I ran the inside sales dept. I answered sales calls and also entered orders. I had to order parts to make our machines with and had a good relationship with vendors."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Out of business now I think it was a nice place to work at a little hard to tell who was in charge the 2 owners would argue with each other most days over a nice place to work"

Machine operator(press operator) says

"I focus in finish my duties precisely, fast and safely , and I always get it , then I have a natural willingness to help coworkers,specially if they are struggling,The hardest part of the job is when I didn,t have something to dobreakfast provided once a monthno benefits"

TESTING JR. ENGINEER (Former Employee) says

"this job doesn't pay enough as a mechanical engineer, but you have all the flexibility you could ever want. make your own hours is the name of the game. great people work there, but management is not so good. this is a family owned company that still runs as a small company that hasn't caught up to its own size.great work/life balanceno health benefits"

Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I started has a clerk in a hall way, worked with quick books. I remember when their back up crashed and I and my helper were called in the day before Christmas to re-input all the accounts. Not a happy 48 bad thing about being the new person.helped finish credits for collegealway got stuck with the sucky things"

Ayudante de bodega (Former Employee) says

"Aprendi bastantes cosas en la empresa pero eran bastantes incomprensibles en ese momento dada mi condicion de estudiante y aparte de ser padre"

Project Designer (Former Employee) says

"•the most enjoyable part of the job is working the co-workers"

sales asst manager (Former Employee) says

"Focus on the company and your individual experience while employed thereProvide reasons for why you liked or disliked working at the companyAll submitted reviews are subject to the terms set forth in our Terms of Usefree snackslong hours"